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About Us

A Little about The North Star Companies LLC
The North Star Companies LLC is a well- established Maryland building company with a solid reputation for delivering customer satisfaction throughout every phase of a client's new home build, home renovation, addition or commercial build-out. Located in Harwood Maryland, North Star Companies LLC has earned its solid reputation building fine residential standard, semi-custom and custom homes; renovations and additions.
How We Manage Your Project 
For new homes, we work closely with each client starting with a site analysis to assist with determining the best possible location to site the home, taking into consideration topography, location of utilities, well and septic systems, length of driveway, storm-water management requirements and overall orientation.
Our partner engineers and surveyors are integral to this process and provide a preliminary site plan to depict the proposed improvements. Next we review the building plans to advise on equipment location, especially within a basement with the goal of consolidating equipment to accommodate existing or future plans for finished spaces, locate basement windows and doors to maximize sunlight and to match the topography of the property, suggest architectural changes and refinements and finally review all site improvements (decks, patios, outdoor fireplaces and pits, walkways, driveways, et cetera) considered and incorporate them into the site plan and permit process.
​Finally we conclude with a detailed interview to capture all features, options and changes so each client will have a complete package of all requirements and desires contemplated. This information is incorporated into a detailed standard feature and specifications description and is used as the guiding document from which to construct. The result is a well-built, energy-efficient home that is personal to each client we serve.
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